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Guinness Record Holder Head Balancer

By: David Moind On: 13:37
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  • 101 house bricks
    A Guinness World record, John has balanced 101 house bricks on his head with a combined weight of 416lbs

    400 Coca Cola cans
    A new Guinness World Record - 365lbs. Achieved at the World Shopping Centre, Singapore

    225 pints of beer.

    548 Footballs
    Weight 335lbs. Guinness World record, achieved at White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds, UK.

    Bike balance

    Eiffel Tower

    Butler John

    Beer glasses

    Santa John

    Boat - German TV


    Burning Barrel

    Wheelchair balance
    I hope the brakes are on! John donated that wheelchair...

    Milkman John

    Singapore 1998

    84 Milk Crates
    Big Breakfast, Channel 4, UK TV. John's first record!

    Adrian Smith
    John balancing fellow strongman Adrian Smith on his head.

    Guinness TV Show. John was asked if he can play the piano. Like this?

    Where's John?

    Milk Crates

    Without anything on his head for a change!

    John Evans the holder of multiple Guinness World Records and a unique performer who has become famous worldwide for balancing strange and heavy things on his head.

    Courtesy: headbalancer.com