5 Rebecca Black's Friday Rip- off Pics!

By: David Moind On: 07:30
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  • Haha!
     Don't worry, you'd be alive.
     The funniest John Beiber. Wait, it's John, right? :S
    Stay away from the Cereal! :P 

    Forever alone on the left? :P

    5 Facebook Pictures Funny Comments!!

    By: David Moind On: 07:28
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  • How old are you again? :P

     The hairy dude! 
    The Holy Trinity! 

     Is that your brother? That's my Girlfriend!!
    Is that Morgan Freeman grilling burgers?

    6 Younger versions of Hottest Older Celebrities!

    By: David Moind On: 05:55
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  •  Sofia Vergara | Selena Gomez

    Demi Moore | Megan Fox
      Julia Roberts | Emma Roberts
     Kate Beckinsale | Felicity Jones

     Debra Messing | Emma Stone

    Jennifer Aniston | Lauren Conrad

    5 Scariest Clowns ever!!

    By: David Moind On: 05:25
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  • That's what happens when you invite drunk Clowns to work and don't pay them.
    Gee, I just came here to pee. I didn't know this is where Predator lives too! 
    Bwahaha! That joke was so funny, wait, what is this in my hand? Oh, it's just to clip my toe nails.

    Kid: Gee, mister, can I have a lick? 
    Joker: Get lost.

    Which one did you find to be the scariest??