Hilarious Expectations Vs Reality Facts

By: David Moind On: 11:27
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  • When you give yourself haircuts

    How Men and Women are Different From each other

    By: David Moind On: 10:05
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  • Weirdest & Hilarious Google Suggestions ever!

    By: David Moind On: 09:54
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  • 13 Reasons to be Jealous of Leonardo DeCaprio

    By: David Moind On: 08:52
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  • Yes, these are all Gorgeous women Mr Leonardo has dated until now. But he is in a relationship again, and this time, it's with a Victoria's secret Model 'Erin Heatherton.'

    9 Funniest Text Conversations

    By: David Moind On: 08:14
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  • 10 Hilarious Forever Alone Pics

    By: David Moind On: 07:04
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  •  Nice choice, bro.
     I hate this party.
     Oh, my date is sick, so she couldn't make it. You guys carry on.
     Well, I am atleast at the party.
     She is real, I swear. In the night, she talks to me.
     Leave the pole alone.
     Nice try.