Prototype Bikes

By: David Moind On: 09:59
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  • Prototypes of new model bikes.

    South Korean Military Training

    By: David Moind On: 07:13
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  • They definately going to have nightmares about this training for the rest of there life.

    Cool Sticker Art

    By: David Moind On: 06:54
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  • Ice Chess in Moscow

    By: David Moind On: 06:53
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  • Chess played in Moscow with huge ice chess sculptures.

    Largest Aquarium in the World

    By: David Moind On: 12:16
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  • The AquaDom breaks all records as the largest cylinder aquarium in the world, at over 52 feet in depth by 36 feet in diameter. This engineering marvel is located in Berlin and took 150 tons of acrylic to complete.